True Squelch

True Squelch before turning into Master Squelch.

Squelch is a mudball who captures Crystal in The Denpa Men 3. He gives about 70 exp and 150 gold. After fighting Squelch, he retreats to the Dark Ruins to train. You encounter him again at the Dark Ruins after getting through them. You must defeat him before moving on to the Incarnation of Earth. You see him again at the Gate to Hades as Master Squelch. He attempts to defeat Aflama, but fails before he could even hit him and is sent through a Dark Hole. You finally fight him as Master Squelch and later in the battle he turns into the King of Evil like mentioned in the King of Evil Page. After defeating him, you do not fight him again, unless you get the Mansion Parts for the Re-Boss Island.