Rick is the father of Crystal, the father in-law of the protagonist and Mary's husband he is also the grandfather of Jasper and Amber.


The player will find Rick digging in the north of the entrance in Squelch's cave. He will then say "Thanks for always taking care of my daughter. Didja come to join the dig? What?! Crystal's been kidnapped?! And I was just digging here, please let me come with you!" Or I am pretty sure that's what he said at the last part. Rick will then talk back to some of the bosses along with the protagonist if you bring him along. When Aflama reveals Crystal, she will say the protagonists name and dad to help her if Rick is along here is an example "Wayne! Dad! Please help me!" Or something like that. When approuching to Squelch in his home all the protagonist, Rick and Crystal will talk back, (I forget if you get Mary at the time).


Rick is a red denpa men, which means he is weak to water and strong against fire, he has the tiny heal antenna which will later transform into a medium heal, and then a full heal which can be useful so Crystal doesn't use her Full heal (All) on one person.

Appearance Edit

Don't worry! I will try my best to describe it. Rick has a normal experssion with a mustache and black hair.

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