The Pyramid is a Lv. 18-30 area in The Denpa Men 2, where monsters use Electric-type and Earth-type moves on your Denpa Men. It is highly recommended that your denpa men ar atleast Lv. 28 before fighting the boss. Edit

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Story Edit

The Denpa Men arrive at Scorch Volcano and meet Micah, like the King of Evil told. Micah says that The Pawn was corrupted by The Organization, and left. Micah then gives The Denpa Men a introduction letter that allows them in Tuhot Village, near the pyramid. The Denpa Men then gather information about the position the statues at the beginning of The Pyramid, solve the riddles, fight Mummox, the boss of The Pyramid, and get the Golden Key to bring back The Pawn.

Enemies Edit

Burgular Cat- 250Hp; Moves: Steal Gold, Shock Slash, Call for Help

Thunder Mist(Ghost)- 200-300Hp; Moves: