"Hi! Ready for a new day?" -Jasper


Jasper is the older brother of Amber and the son of the protagonist and Crystal, he is a yellow Denpa Men with the Steroids Antenna, he'll later learn Steroids (All) in a later level. He is only along with the story in The Denpa Men 2 Beyond the Waves.


When the Ook trespasses on your garden, if you talk to Jasper, he'll say that he wants to be stronger so he can fight alongside with the protagonist. After he is kidnapped, he is taken to the prison north of the dark cave locked up with a dwarf, when you save him he'll tell you that he wonders if Amber and Mom are OK. He later says to take him along to, you won't regret it.

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Jasper will start off with a little health at first since he is a small Denpa Men but will later get more. If you bring him with you, be sure to give him something like a Heart Chocker so he can have more HP. Since he is a yellow Denpa Men, he can resist electric attacks but weak to earth attacks, he also has some evade since he is small, and high speed for his level.

The Denpa Men 3 Edit

A dwarf will refer Jasper and Amber as pink, yellow, little and that you can get the via the summoning lab if you saved them in The Denpa Men 2.