The Evil Witch is the main antagonist in The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves.

Story Edit

The King of Evil will reference her after the protagonist asks The King of Evil on where their family is. After finally confronting the evil witch, you will see her with Crystal. She will then say to hand over the orbs or the Denpa Girl gets it. Crystal will protest against it and say that the witch wants to drown the fairies in darkness with them. Later, The King of Evil will come to try and stop the witch but then gets sent to the inferno. Upon defeating the evil witch she says some dialogue. Crystal will then proclaim that the protagonist has to save The King of Evil. Upon reaching the end of the inferno, you will see the evil witch yet again but with another outfit. She will also be referred to as "Demon Queen". After you defeat her, you get the true ending which I won't spoil to you.

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