Denpa Men House interior

The interior of the Denpa Men House.

The Denpa Men House is a building located on the Island of Digitoll


Its appearance is one of an orange sphere with an antenna protruding from the top. As various item parts are collected throughout the game, its appearance will change to one having more windows visable from the outside. There are a total of 10 rooms that can be accumulated to accomodate the Denpa Men.


After obtaining new Denpa Men, either from the PC or Antenna Tower, they will be sent here. To swap them in or out of your party, simply pick the Denpa Man you want and drag it to the party icon on the bottom of the screen. The screen should then switch to your active party, and you can drop your Denpa Man on the one you want to send back to the house. That Denpa Man will return to take the place of the Denpa Man you put into your party.


The Denpa Men House is used as a method of storage, similar to that of the Mii Storage. Using the Denpa Men in battle will earn experience for the Denpa Men inside the house, so there is no worry about requiring certain Denpa Men at a certain time, but they are too underleveled. Obtaining Denpa Men in the Antenna Tower will always be situated around the hero's level, and the only Denpa Men that could be at a proportionately lower level could be those obtained in the PC.