Sometimes while the player searches for denpa men, a denpa man may appear with a glow around his head showing a rare antennea , if the player sees a shiny denpa man for the first time, the hero will come explaining "Ooh! look at that shiny one! those ones are very strong, they can use skills as well! ". If the player succeeds in catching one, they will say something different depending on what rare antenna they have . If the rare denpa man has a special Antenna Root, they will say something  about getting the player to try to find their ability. There are three main 'rare' Denpa Men in the game, being the 'double gold' Denpa man which multiplies the gold a party recieves by two if this power is used in battle, the 'always treasure' denpa man which, when used, ensures a common item drop from the respective enemy, and the "revive all" Denpa Man, which does as instructed and is hands down one of the best antennas out there.

Also, in the Denpa Men 2, denpa men who can do a stat boost to all allies are rare. In the Denpa Men 2, the only rare skill that does a 3 range attack is dark ball, which evolves into dark whirl then black hole.


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